Windows 11 Letest Update. How To Download And Install

SUPERMAN♥ 16/10/2021
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How to download and install windows 11 for free

With the release of Windows 10, the demand for Windows 11 has been steadily increasing. This article will help you download and install Windows 11 operating system for free.

How to install

The process of installing Windows 11 is the same as installing any other Windows operating system. Make sure you have an internet connection and a USB flash drive with at least 4GBs of memory.

How to download windows 11 iso file

You can download windows 11 iso file directly from Microsoft website. Choose language of your choice and click on it. Then, click on the “Download Windows 10” button. The next page that will open up will show you some options like, media creation tool, link to ISO file etc.

Windows 11 installation tutorial

  1. Download Windows 11 ISO file.
  2. Burn the Window 11 ISO to a DVD disk using a third-party software such as ImgBurn, or use disk image program to mount your ISO file on your Mac OS X or Linux system when mounting an .iso file with Disk Utility on Mac OS X, or with 7-Zip in Linux.
  3. Boot from the DVD and follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the setup screen for installation of Windows 11.
  4. Select a “custom install” option and then select how much space you want To start installing Windows 11, you must first visit the Microsoft page for your region. If you are in North America, you will click on Download Now button under Windows Insider Preview to get the installation media.

What Do After Install Windows 11

  1. Open Cortana & type in “Settings”
  2. Click on Devices
  3. Click on Bluetooth & other devices
  4. Ensure that the option for “Paired Devices” is set to All devices or Only my paired devices

Basic Settings Of Windows 11

The Windows 11 installer will not let you install the new system if your device doesn’t meet minimum requirements, ensuring that the new operating system is always running at its best. For this reason, you’ll want to tweak some of the default settings before installing windows 11.

Windows 11 Letest Fetures

The best Windows 11 features are controlled by moving the cursor around the screen. For example, you can ask Cortana anything and it will answer you aloud. The pen will guide your cursor and draw things on the screen better than ever before which is nice for those working with CAD or animation type programs.

Why Install Windows 11?

Windows 11 is a new operating system from Microsoft that improves on Windows 10. It’s packed with features and intelligent features such as Window’s Hello which provide password-less login using facial recognition, fingerprint information, or a companion device like your phone.

Windows 11 Supported Devices

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