Top Hidden Locations Function Only Few Know This Google Maps Feature

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In Google Maps, users can use a unique code to discover specific locations without complicated coordinates. These “plus codes” can uniquely identify and find almost any place in the world – the classic address cannot keep up. Here we explain how this little-known feature works.


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Overlooked Google’s map service, Google Maps hides function or entirely ignored by many users up to now: the plus codes. These codes were fantasy as a reputed Open Location Code in a Google office in Zurich as early as 2014 – they are simplified to Intended navigation around the world and, among other things, have what it takes to make addresses superfluous.

Each plus code consists of six or seven letters and numbers as well as a place name. Alternatively, there is a notation with ten letters and digits, making it unnecessary to specify a location. Four letters of a plus initially assign a place to a coarse grid of 100 × 100 kilometers; the letters, by the way, define the location more closely – a separate code is created for each 14 × 14 meters square area.

In all countries in which Plus Codes are available, Google Maps shows the code of the respective location in a detailed view. In the apps for Android and iOS, all you have to do is tap the code to copy it to the clipboard. Conversely, one can use the search function to immediately search for a plus code to jump to the right place. On the web, Google offers its version of Google Maps, which shows the principle of the selected location after clicking on the map.

The sharing of the plus codes works like this: Google Maps users can tap the blue point in the map service that shows their location. After that, a pop-up menu opens. With a simple tap on “Share your Location,” users can tell others where they are.

Google Maps: Plus Codes replace classic addresses

Plus codes are made up of ten characters - it becomes shorter if a place name is also given.
Plus codes are made up of ten characters – it becomes shorter if a place name is also given.

Image: Google

Plus, codes are helpful wherever there are no (sufficiently precise) addresses. On the one hand, these can be isolated areas. On the other hand, parks, forests, or large squares. Plus, Codes make transmitting an exact location in all of these locations easier without resorting to bulky coordinates precisely. If you want to meet friends in ample open space, specify the place with a plus code.

According to Google, around 25 percent of humanity, i.e., approximately two billion people, either do not have a classic address in the street + house number format or have a complicated address to find.

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