Top 3 Android Apps For The Month Of September

SUPERMAN♥ 29/09/2021
Updated 2021/10/11 at 1:02 AM

Today’s I’m Gonna Share With You The Top Five Android Apps For The Month Of September

1. Nautica Plus

In Top Three list this The First app. Nautica will allow you to save links to your notification shade area so by this you won’t forget about them because they are always on front of you so for example let’s say there is a youtube video that you want to watch later in this case you have two options either to saveit to the watch later playlist inside the YouTube app and in this case you will most probably forget about the video evaluate youtube will never remind you to watch this video at any time but the other option is to use nautica plus by tapping get the share button and then it goose nautica plus from the list the app will create a notification for you once you swipe up this notification will stay in your notification shade so when it’s time to watch the video tap on the link and it will open right away and this could be useful in a lot more scenarios let’s say you have an instagram post that you want to check later you can do the exact same thing by tapping on share goose nautica plus wait for few seconds slower up and here you have it all the links you previously saved to your notifications will appear in the front-page of the app from here you can swipe left to resend back again or you can swipe right to delete any of them when you tap and hold on the link you will be able to share it or copy the URL all the features i mentioned so far are totally free of a charge but there are a couple of features only available for the nautica plus version let . the free version of the app is called nautica on google play store and the paid version is called nautica plus it will cost you about two dollars to get the ability topin and schedule notifications.

2. Reelgood

In Top Three list this The Second app. This app can help you discover new movies and tv shows to watch by yourself or with friends and family the app will first give you the option to choose what kind of services you are subscribed to in my case i have netflix and prime videos and you can select whatever number of services you want and when you scroll down you will see all the free services available and it includes pretty much anything you can think of once you’re happy with the choices tap on done and by this every time you search for a movie or a tv show you will get the results from all the services you have chosen on the home page it will show you the trending tv shows and movies in addition to a lot other categories that will make your life much easier but the best part here is the dedicated search let’s say you don’t have something in mind first you need to choose the movie genre so i’m gonna choose action adventure then i’m gonna choose my sort to be the most popular and then i’m gonna tap on filters here you can choose three different things first the rating of the movie you can choose the minimum and the maximum ratings that’s based on imdb results or you can choose the ratings of real good itself the app itself so let’s say i’m going to choose 70 and here you can choose the release year 15 up till now and the tap on set here you got all the movies related to your search results from all the services here i have toby here i have netflix and so on and so forth and when you tap on any of the movies you get a lot of options the first one is the ability to add it to your wish list you can let the app know that you watched this movie and by this it will not be shown in your future searches you can rate the movie to let the app know what you like and what you don’t like which will improve your recommendations in the future you have the ability to watch the trailer here you have all the services that includes this movie the related collections if you want to expand your search people also watched carousel here you can read more about the story of the movie and the cast crew so it will give you a lot of extensive information into one place another important feature in this app is the ability to track tv shows so for example if you are interested in a specific series and you are waiting for the new season to be released in this case you can track it once the season is available you will be notified which will keep you on top of everything you like to be able to track tv shows you need to create a free account using facebook google apple or a normal email and password this free account will also save you recommendations and keep track of your movies and tv shows so every time you change your mobile you don’t have to do the whole thing from scratch last but not least there is one more cool feature in the app called search party this feature will allow you to invite friends using a special link and once they use it to download and register for the app they will appear in your friends list then the app will start recommending random movies and tv shows if you like.

3.Photometer Pro

In Top Three list this The Third app. This app will use your mobile’s ambient light sensor to measure the light intensity in your environment and the units can be in lux or foot candle and you can swap between them but it’s not just a basic light meter when you go to the tools tab it will show you what’s the optimal lighting condition for each purpose so for example if you have a reading room the app will start measuring the lighting condition and tell you if the amount of flight you have is good enough for reading or not and it will let you know about the amount of light needed to get a perfect lighting condition for this purpose it says here between 400 to 500 is perfect if it’s a 300 to 400 it will be good but 300 or less it will be bad and it will show you a live reading so you can keep adjusting your light’s intensity until you get the optimal condition and these numbers are based on scientific studies to make sure you have a healthy well-lit environment and if you want to read more about this go to the home tab and there is a knowledge base over here that will give you more information about things like how light affects your health and so on the free version will give you access to eight different types that you can see right here but when you pay for the pro version you will get even more like the ability to calculate light for photography greenhouse measure the solar power create a light map for your room and a bunch of converters and light requirements calculation so that’s pretty much it.

For today those are the top Three android apps i wanted to share with you this month please let me know in the comments what do you think and if you came across any app that you think it should be included in the top list of android apps please let me know in the comments. So i hope you like This Post.

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