PUBG Mobile is now banned : Pubg Mobile Global

SUPERMAN♥ 31/08/2021
Updated 2021/10/10 at 4:54 PM

Fortnite was kicked out of stores after Epic violated the App Store and Play Store rules. Today, another Battle Royale game, Tencent’s PUBG Mobile game, has been banned. After this interesting decision taken by the Indian government, 118 applications will be banned in the country, along with PUBG Mobile.

The Indian government argues that these practices violate the integrity and independence of the country. The government states that these apps and games are secretly sending user data to servers located outside of India without authorization. His government says it has received many complaints, including several reports of user data misuse.

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The following 118 apps will be removed from both the App Store and Play Store very soon. It seems that India, which will also block the servers, will completely unplug PUBG Mobile. Knowing how important the Indian market is, Tencent is expected to agree with the government on this issue. However, it should be noted that this reconciliation will take a long time.


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