How to Trace someone Mobile Or IP address?

SUPERMAN♥ 09/01/2022
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What is doxing?

Doxing is a type of online harassment that involves uncovering someone’s personal information like their real name, address, job, or other identifying data. And exposing their details without victim’s permission.

Seeker :

Seeker is a utility that installs a site on the Apache server and, using Ngrok, creates a link upon clicking which access to geolocation will be requested, if such access is granted, the data of the device to which access and the coordinates of this device are obtained, additionally immediately a link to Google Maps is generated, with a note on the location of the device.

How to install seeker in termux?

Open the termux app. Now first you need to install ngrock.

Type the following commands:

  1. apt update &&  apt upgrade 
  2. pkg install git
  3. pkg install php && pkg install git && pkg update php
  4. git clone 
  5. cd termux-ngrok  
  6. chmod + x 
  7. /

It will ask for input so press “y”

Now Let’s Install Seeker Tool:

  1. git clone 
  2. cd seeker  
  3. chmod 777 
  4. ./

Now, Tool is installed let’s do our work.After installing seeker , start the tool by typing following command on termux:python3 -t manual

Now press 0 (nearyou)

Now swipe left to right side and open new termux session.

Now type the following commandngrok http 80 or ngrok http 8080 now wait for few seconds and then copy the second link.

This is our vulnerable link.Now get back to our previous session. Now you can send this link to victim. When the victim will open this link you will get his location and mobile details. Let me show you.One more thing, to make this link. More trustable use link shortener website like and make a short linkWhen victim will open the link it will show something like this

Then you will get his/her details something like below


Grabify IP logger will help you find and track the IP address of any person with just three simple steps:
1. Shorten long link
2. Share the short link with another user
3. Grab IP address after the user clicks on your short link
This one method is easy one so first open 

Now put any url like and then click on create url 

Something like this now send that grabify url to victim you can also use url shortner there is inbuilt url shortner now send this link to victim.

Thanks you 😊

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