How to Be Bug Bounty Hunters And started with Bug Bounty

SUPERMAN♥ 09/01/2022
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How to Get Started into Bug Bounty

Hello guys,

          After an abundance of requests and questions on topics cognates to Bug Bounty like how to commence, how to beat duplicates, what to do after reading a few books, how to make great reports. I am here with my incipient Updated Blog and answering all of such questions. 

      I am commencing from fundamental as prerequisites to tips and labs along with report inditing skills. I have additionally included some of my personally recommend tips and how to inscribe great reports. Hope you all like it.

What is Bug Bounty? 

If you will search in google and google will say

A bug bounty program is a deal offered by many websites, organizations and software developers by which individuals can receive recognition and compensation for reporting bugs, especially those pertaining to security exploits and vulnerabilities.

 In short hacker tag with white collar to earn money

What to study?

  • Internet, HTTP, TCP/IP
  • Networking
  • Command-line
  • Linux
  • Web technologies, java-script, PHP, java
  • At least 1 programming language (Python/C/JAVA/Ruby..)
  • Owasp top 10

Choose Your Path:

  • Web Pentesting
  • Android Application Pentesting
  • iOS Application Pentesting


For Web:

  • Web app hackers handbook
  • Web hacking 101
  • Mastering modern web pen testing
  • Bug Bounty Playbook
  • Real-World Bug Hunting
  • OWASP Testing Guid

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Resources to Learn

Testing Labs:

  • bWAPP
  • Webgoat
  • PortSwigger Academy


  • Burpsuite
  • Nmap
  • dirt buster
  • Sqlmap
  • Netcat
  • OwaspZap
  • Ffuf
  • Project Discovery

Types of Bug Bounty program:

  • Only Hall of Fame
  • Hall of Fame With Certificate of Appreciation
  • HoF with Swags / only Swags
  • Hall of Fame with Bounty
  • Only Bounty
  • Bug Bounty Program:
  • Open For Signup
  • Hackerone
  • Bugcrowd
  • hackenproof
  • Bugbountyjp
  • Intigriti
  • Open Bug Bounty

Report Writing/Bug Submission:

  1. Create a descriptive report.
  2. Follow responsible disclosure policy.
  3. Create POC and steps to reproduce
  4. Sample format of the report:
  5. Vulnerability Name
  6. Vulnerability Description
  7. Vulnerable URL
  8. Payload
  9. Steps to Reproduce
  10. Impact
  11. Mitigation

Vulnerabilities Priorities:

P1 -CriticalVulnerabilities that cause a privilege escalation from unprivileged to admin or allow for remote code execution, financial theft, etc.

P2 -HighVulnerabilities that affect the security of the software and impact the processes it supports.

P3 -MediumVulnerabilities that affect multiple users and require little or no user interaction to trigger.

P4 -LowVulnerabilities that affect singular users and require interaction or significant prerequisites to trigger (MitM) to trigger.

P5 -InformationalNon-exploitable vulnerabilities in functionality. Vulnerabilities that are by design or are deemed an acceptable business risk to the customer.

Looking for more programs using Google Dorks

inurl:”bug bounty” and intext:”€” and inurl:/security

intext:bounty inurl:/security

intext:”BugBounty” and intext:”BTC” and intext:”reward“

intext:”BugBounty” and inurl:”/bounty” and intext:”reward

Words of wisdom:

  • PATIENCE IS THE KEY, takes years to master, don’t fall for overnight success
  • Do not expect someone will spoon feed you everything.
  • Confidence
  • Not always for bounty
  • Learn a lot.
  • Won’t find at the beginning, don’t lose hope
  • Stay focused
  • Depend on yourself
  • Stay updated with InfoSec world 

Thanks 😊 

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