Bypass PayPal Verification Method 2022

SUPERMAN♥ 20/12/2021
Updated 2021/12/20 at 4:47 PM

A lot of people are selling this Bypass PayPal Email and Phone Verification Method 2022 and doing it as a service. I was going to make my own service but instead, I think I will just post for free. It is working as of now and is the easiest thing to do.

1) Use any browser it doesn’t matter.
2) Connect to VPN, check the IP, if there is no IP, look for email sign, the name of the account, or the ending of the email. Example = IP: UK | Example = IP: RUssia.
3) Next VPN, there is only a few VPN that I know its working with PayPal 2 Step Bypass Verification. i. VyprVPN ii. ExpressVPN iii. Windscribe VPN.;) When you have your PayPal Accounts.
4) Open Browser go to Clear Cache & Cookies & History.
5) Go to
6) Sign Up, on Payment method choose PayPal.
7) Login to your Paypal Account when it asks you to secure the account click on it.
8) As soon as u click on it, QUICKLY on the same page, Do it fast or it won’t Bypass.
9) Type it on the same tab but u need to do it quickly.

BOOM! It will Bypass 1000% I’ve done it multiple times. Sometimes u need a few tries because u need the right TIMING. Don’t let the page load after u click Secure my account. If you let it load, then begin from step 1, Hope you like it!

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