Attention! New dangerous email scam targeting Gmail users

SUPERMAN♥ 01/09/2021
Updated 2021/10/10 at 5:22 PM

Gmail users around the world are targeted by a very dangerous email scam. A security company has warned these users to remain aware of a malicious Gmail mail scam.

This new email also targets email users in India.

The new Gmail scam doesn’t use fake links or malware apps to target users, but a new way they send emails on behalf of big companies like Amazon, PayPal, etc. To innocent users.

They send an email saying a big purchase has been made with your name from the account number.

These emails look real with the company logo and official writing style and fonts etc.

Seeing these emails, the user will panic and try to cancel the purchase quickly, but there is no option to cancel, and the email will only have a number to make a phone call.

So, in a hurry, they dialed the fake helpline and fell victim to a scammer.

The email has a phone number and says, “If you haven’t made this purchase, call us.”

And those panicked users who have been tricked into dialing the phone number will be redirected to a real person who acts as an Amazon or PayPal representative but is actually a scammer.

The scammer will ask you for a lot of personal details and bank details like account number, password, etc.

The scammer may have you believe that your account has been hacked, and you should transfer your money to a new account which is actually a fake account.

Furthermore, it can trick you into installing a Trojan that can steal information from your system.

This new email scam is called “Vishing.”

Security company Kaspersky revealed that multiple unauthorized emails are repeatedly sent to consumers. This new way of scamming people is easier and more effective for cybercriminals as they don’t have to do any extensive work. The email scam allows them to sit in their spare time and wait for calls to come.

Roman Dedenok of Kaspersky said: “We recently detected several waves of spam emails, apparently from reputable companies, notifying recipients of substantial purchases. The item in question is usually a high-end device like the latest Apple Watch or a gaming laptop purchased from Amazon or paid for via PayPal. The scam is based on the fact that the recipients are so alarmed by the insubstantial loss that they will act recklessly, hoping to get their money back. “

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