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Download Marketing Accelerator Academy Course by Roota Mittal

Marketing Accelerator Academy is the Secret Acceleration that’s missing in your Business Spaceship Right Now.It will flare up your business and teach you everything from foundational digital marketing skills to high-ticket client acquisition strategies.In fact, it has the exact scripts and proposals that helped me bag premium quality clients. So go right on, take inspiration, and use my strategies to upgrade a comma to your income consistently.

2100+ students trust this Academy and its process. Most of them don’t have previous marketing or technical backgrounds but damn, are they slaying it now? Hell yeah! You can scroll down and watch their case studies, I’ve got plenty!
I’ve designed this entire Academy based on the learnings that made me go from $0 to $100,000+ in just the first two years of my freelancing business.


So far So good? Alright then, let’s get to the details now!

This Academy is a 7-Module Program created to help you achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams!

Module 1: Building The Right Growth Mindset

The academy will prepare you with the right mindset needed to ace your or your client’s business and empower you to ignite your entrepreneurial journey. It will teach you how to optimize your personal life and set goals that you can actually achieve. Lend an ear to the audio lectures which will help you get through rough days & remind you to not give up on this path that you’ve set for yourself. Get ready to envision what your life would look like once you’re successful. 

Modules 2 & 3: Facebook Advertising & Copywriting 

From fundamentals to advanced techniques, learn how you can run high-quality Facebook ads. I’ll help you understand customer psychology, how to improvise and model what your competitors are doing and bring in profitable results for yourself or your clients’ ads! I will give you my best copywriting hacks and teach you how to design creative graphics that can be used. Learn how to launch your own Facebook Ad Campaign and

send valuable reports to your clients!

Module 4: Instagram Advertising & Brand Building

If you’re looking to grow a business on Instagram, I’ve got you covered! I teach organic and paid strategies to attract genuine followers that actually convert into customers. This exact hack helped me gain 160K+ followers on my profile! I’ll teach you how to create engaging content and build an impactful brand. I also give away an incredible cheat sheet that covers growth strategies for any and every niche!

Module 5: Creating Sales Funnels & Email Marketing 

Next, I teach you all about Sales Funnels; how to set them up, how to design them, how to keep them updated at all times and how to track metrics. So whether it’s creating a webinar or writing a copy for your Sales Page, know that I got your back. In fact, I also cover Email Marketing concepts to help you better connect and

convert your list of leads.

Module 6: Getting Your First (or next) High-Ticket Client

Get ready to ignite and explode your business in its truest sense by implementing my proven client acquisition techniques. I will teach you the art and science of attracting high-ticket clients, how to build a kickass portfolio even if you’re a newbie, and give you ready-to-replicate scripts for your client discovery calls! I also show you how to price your products and services the right way and charge your worth!

Module 7: Building An A-Team & Scaling Your Business

We then take it a step higher and equip you with tried and tested strategies that will turn you into a client magnet, so much so that you might need to expand into a team. And how would you do that? I cover that too! From onboarding clients to creating a waitlist of clients to avoid income roller coasters,

I teach you all that and more!

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